Kick Bright Shop and Buttons is a small business specializing in vintage clothing for men, women and children from the 1950s through the 1990s and well as manufacturing bulk order buttons.

Owners Kristin and Jeffrey Howard have been selling vintage online for several years on eBay and Etsy with occasional vending on weekend events across Florida. The two bring their unique style and outlook that vintage should be affordable, worn and loved.

Kristin has been designing and making buttons since 2002. Her attention to quality and speed is why customers return for her expertise. If you own a band or event button it just may have passed through Kristin’s hands.

Kick Bright Shop also carries a large selection of pop-culture related items like collectible toys, glasses, records and record players. Anything cool we probably have it!


In August 2015 they opened their first physical store in Artegon Marketplace in Orlando, Florida (pictured above). In less than a year the store was successful enough to double in size. In January 2017 Artegon abruptly closed despite the success of the individually owned small businesses operating there leaving Kick Bright without a permanent home.

Jeffrey and Kristin are looking to the future, whether it be a permanent new location or traveling pop-ups. Stay tuned right here, it’s always an adventure.